The transportation company Maksimainen Oy was delighted with Kesla's "half" Z-crane

20.09.2018 News

The transportation company Maksimainen Oy is a family-owned company based in Ilomantsi, Finland, established in 1997, whose main business activity is timber transportation. The company owns four four-axle Scania trucks. The company relies on Kesla cranes: on one truck there is the straight boomed KESLA 2112T and on others there is the KESLA 2112ZT. A central pillar 2112ZT crane, that is to say a half Z, is the company’s favorite one.

From a reluctant experimentalist to a satisfied customer

Maksimainen was initially devoted to favoring another brand name of a crane. However, Mr. Jesse Holopainen from Saleston Oy, the expert salesman of KESLA had a chance to talk over two years ago to Mr. Maksimainen to try a Kesla. In that manner the company has continued and for now there is 12 metric ton KESLA crane with a cabin charmingly glistening on all its trucks.

Maksimainens are satisfied with KESLA cranes. They keep on being able to lift easily, the movements are smooth whilst the cranes are durable.

-       Service and spare parts can be found close by. For example, if there is a need for spare parts, they will arrive on the same day, says Hannu Maksimainen. - The timely delivery of maintenance and spare parts is very important in this area as there will be no income if the truck is out of action and off duty.

Maksimainen started to use cranes with cabins already in 2006. They provide a comfortable working environment. Some of the trucks have a larger XL cabin which is larger than a standard one. There is heating and air conditioning in the cabin, so the conditions are comfortable no matter what the weather is.

The cabin has a mechanical 2-lever control but changing to electrical control is not excluded. For now, the electrical control is much more expensive, whereas mechanical control is a habitual one, and the change does not seem to be logical.

What a marvel is a half Z!

Three of Maksimainen´s trucks have a so-called Z-crane. In the traditional Z-crane, the pillar is on the other side, but at half Z, it is positioned in the center of the width direction. The crane itself will be slightly askew to the other side. Suddenly, the solution feels weird, but for the Maksimainen's, like for a growing number of other users, the solution is just right.

-       The half Z is really practical. There is no need to leave space for the crane, so then the payload is bigger. In a four-axle truck, the crane does not take space even depending on its transporting position, tells father and daughter Maksimainen. – There is also a great deal of safety: you can step up to the cabin more firmly from the body of the truck.

Transporting wood in the North Karelia´s area

Maksimainen is mainly transporting wood in the area of Northern Karelia. The timber is transported from woodlot sites to Uimaharju, Kitee and to the local railway terminal where it is loaded onto railway wagons.

The company employs 11 people and it is usually done on weekdays in three shifts and on weekends in one shift, whenever possible. The trucks are being kept in the best possible condition for duties, where an own workshop is a help. In an own workshop you can make even large repairs and installation work such as the company has made the crane’s bodywork for the truck’s beds on their own.

In addition to father Hannu, there is also mother Sari who is responsible for the office. In turn, daughter Johanna works with her father Hannu in the field of transportation.

On top of the Maksimainen´s Scania is a central pillar KESLA 2112ZT. The model has been remembered not only in terms of quality and lifting power, but also as useful for its practicality. Although it saves transporting space and it also makes it easier to get into the cabin.

The 21-year-old daughter, Johanna, has been closely involved in the family business. The career choice was already clear at the age of 10. In the picture is Hannu Maksimainen (on the left) and Johanna Maksimainen (on the right).

KESLA crane at the terminal
Hannu and Johanna