Kyudai Rinsan upgraded their fleet with a new KESLA

29.10.2015 News

Kyudai Rinsan, a logging and transporting company located in Oita prefecture in Kyushu, Japan, is known for high quality in their operation. The company has been awarded twice for excellent work in Japanese State forests, the latest award was given 3 years ago. The company also invests in quality what comes to the equipment they are using, latest proof of this the recently purchased KESLA 2109ZT crane.

Mr. Yoichi Kudo is entrepreneur in second generation, his father founded the company 50 years ago. During the years the company has been growing steadily and has nowadays 30 employees, 4 harvesters and 4 timber trucks. The first timber crane was purchased 25 years ago, so mr. Kudo really knows what make the differences when talking about the cranes. The first KESLA has now been working a couple of months and gets really praised when compared to their older fleet of Loglift cranes.

“Longer outreach but compact transport dimensions, high quality of materials, strong lifting throughout the entire working radius, fast yet smooth operation and accurate slewing are the main things that make difference to our older cranes”, tells mr. Kudo.

Especially he mentions that completely inside-routed hydraulic pipes and hoses are well protected and make the whole crane look very neat. “We think that the equipment has to look nice too, and the crane with inside-routed hoses and pipes is very easy to wash and keep clean. Also high quality of painting and overall finishing make the crane look very nice”, says mr. Kudo.

“V-shaped bottom of the telescope boom seems to be an excellent solution in KESLA cranes. In older cranes we have had problems with clearance of telescope, but I think that the V-shape will always center itself even when the glide pads get worn, and clearance will not impair the performance of the crane”, tells mr. Kudo with satisfaction and starts the truck for picking the next load.

Mr Kudo happily posing with his wife and KESLA crane.