„Just the right sort of crane for us"

09.08.2016 References

The German timber transportation company „Schwinn Nah- und Fernverkehr GmbH“ chose the strong tree-length crane KESLA 2028 and a KESLA proCAB cabin due to the wish of one of the drivers in the company, Jürgen Hector. Also the concept of the whole vehicle is pleasing: a semi-trailer with extendable frame for timber lengths from 2.5 m up to 19 m is an all-rounder for all.

- The crane is exactly the right sort of crane for us, says Hector. He means that in various ways: in sense of lifting capacity, sensitiviness of control and speed of the crane. - I have never needed to leave something unloaded because of lack of lifting capacity, smiles Hector with satisfaction.

He is also pleased with the cabin and would not now even think about getting a crane without a cabin anymore.

- The cabin in spacious and comfortable. Despite of the weather circumstances you always stay dry and warm.

Mechanical control with 4 levers and 2 pedals satisfy his demands for easiness of use.

Jürgen Hector and his truck work mainly in the area between Germany, France, Belgium and Luxembourg. Hector and his KESLA 2028 crane do not only load their own truck but also several other semi-trailers without their own crane. This happens from two to three times a day depending on the transportation distance.

Company: Josef Schwinn, Nah- und Fernverkehr GmbH, Germany
Equipment: KESLA timber crane 2028-88 with outreach of 9,05 m and net lifting torque of 255 kNm. KESLA proCAB (mechanic control, 4 levers and 2 pedals).