Urban contracting work with the KESLA 316T loader

21.09.2018 News

The Siilinjärvi-based Siilin Traktorityö uses the KESLA loader not only for forestry work, but also for many other kinds of contracting work and even in urban areas. The strong KESLA 316T loader mounted on the rear bridge of the tractor is a real helper at work.

Siilinjärven Traktorityö was founded in 1989, which has been contracting for almost 30 years now.  According to its name, the company is located in Siilinjärvi, Northern Savo. In addition to the founder-owner Juha Koponen, his own son Jesse is actively involved in the company as well as two to six other employees. The company's machinery includes one truck, two track-based excavators and two tractors, one with a rear-mounted loader.


-          We have had a tractor loader since the 90's and always have had a rear bridge installation, “states Mr. Juha Koponen, and mentions that the rear bridge installation adds more versatility to the loader’s use. According to Koponen, when they are switching to winter work, the loader is usually removed from the rear bridge.


The latest package, the Valtra T174 Direct and KESLA 316T loader

The latest tractor package consists of a Valtra T174 Direct tractor and a rear bridge mounted KESLA 316T loader. JAKE's chassis adapter has been used for the rear bridge installation. The net lifting torque of the loader is 52 kNm, with a lifting capacity of 1370 kg (4 m) and with an outreach of 8.8 m – it is a very strong and big assistant. The yield of 200 l/min from the tractor is easily enough for such a big loader as the loader’s requirement for hydraulic oil is 110 to 140 l/min when attaching the LS control volume system.

The loader control uses the Walvoil valve and the KESLA proC control system. The combination is of quite a competitive price. The maneuverability of the crane is smooth, and the range of adjustment possibilities are easily found, and according to Koponen, it is also quite easy to adjust. The valve package is evenly mounted on the lifting boom, which is a more convenient place for a rear-mounted bridge loader. The new loader also has an optional winch, which is believed to be helpful hauling logs from difficult locations.

The package chosen is the KESLA proG series versatile timber grapple, proG26. It is well suited to the needs of the company, since the crane performs especially versatile urban contract work. Gravel grapples are used as an accessory as needed, and new straight walled grapples are on the next wish list.

In addition to forestry work, much more other things exist

Siilin Traktorityö working with the help of the rear bridge loader allows quite a bit more contracting, than with heavy-duty forestry contracting. The loader is used for example for: rubbish collecting, clearing roads, sand spreading, building foundation work and so on.

-          A few days ago, we used it to spread sand to the sandy areas of the nearby golf course, says Koponen.

The loader is also needed in spring, when the ditch culverts are melting. The tractor loader combined with a grapple that will take care of clearing ditches is significant.

Juha and Jesse Koponen are satisfied with the bridge rear-mounted KESLA 316T loader and its highly sensitive obedient KESLA proC control system.

Kopponens are proud to install for the Kopenen's Valtra T174 Direct Tractor Valtra Smart Touch screen by the side window.

Koponen's KESLA 316T mounted on a rear bridge. The loader is hardly used in forestry work, but more in the urban areas.