Tractor Attachments

For already 60 years, KESLA has been a global pioneer in providing forest equipment for tractors. Kesla products sold under the PATU trademark have been the global market leader since the early 1960s. KESLA has developed a large selection of timber loaders, timber trailers and accessories that make it easy to equip a tractor for efficient timber harvesting. KESLA has great solutions for both heavy professional users and forest owners harvesting their own timber.

KESLA tractor attachments are very handy assistants in addition to forest, also in many other tasks. For example, attaching the loader onto the rear platform increases the usability of the loader even more. We recommend warmly to open up your mind to all new ideas of loader use. Application of KESLA Tractor Attachments in the following areas:




KESLA products are a combination of cutting-edge technology and the highest quality of components and materials. During manufacture, each KESLA product passes through a rigorous international quality assurance programme as well as practical performance and safety tests. Product details are carefully considered and designed for the needs of customers, raising efficiency and reliability to a league of its own. The large product selection and comprehensive range of optional accessories, makes it possible to provide customers with customised solutions that are sure to meet their needs. Since durability and a long service life are focal points in KESLA’s design work, customers are guaranteed uninterrupted working and superior resale value.

KESLA is the only manufacturer in the world that can bring its experience in heavy-duty timber truck cranes, forest machine cranes and industrial cranes to the world of tractor-mounted loaders and trailers. This experience shows in the superior features and durability of the products and in the manufacturer’s ability to listen to and serve the customer over the product’s entire service life.

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