Timber grapples

In our wide, totally renewed KESLA proG-grapple range it is easy to find an optimal grapple for every use whether for timber, for bioenergy or for recycling industry. The range includes timber grapples with area from 0,18 m2 to 0,5 m2.

The renewed geometry increases the performance of timber processing; due to new frame solutions, durablity and realiability have been taken to a whole new level.

The new ProG grapple series has many attracting features. The goal of grapple's jaw geometry is to collect full load of timber, to keep the log punches straight and pile them easily.

In the jaw tips there is a straight part, which helps to collect single logs. Jaw tips move parallel to ground when closed and the jaw tips are closer to each other. This minimizes the amount of additional materials grapped.

In the series you find also special timber grapple 25P, which is especially suitable for removing blocking logs in saw mills.

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