KESLA 40EX is made for heavy excavator use. Due to its optimized jaw geometry, hearty slewing force and precise proportional control, the grapple is an efficient instrument for handling all sorts of material, such as whole trunks or cut timber. Rotator's sturdy bearings and durable structure of the frame and jaws ensure a long lifetime.


  • Fully proportional control which makes the operation smooth and quick.
  • Precise control of movements enables the precise work.
  • Thanks to geometry design grabbing of single logs in a pile is easy.
  • Excellent grip when handling logs thanks to the small gap between the jaws.
  • Good grip also on whole tree stems.
  • Strong frame and jaws are made of high grade steel.
  • Sturdy axles and bearings in the mobile parts ensure a long lifetime.
  • Slewing ring is equipped with sturdy roller bearing of high quality.
  • High quality hydraulic components.