The KESLA loader is especially ideal for municipal engineering contracting

KESLA loaders and trailers are also great partners for municipal engineering and urban contracting. The grapple loader is accurate to use, and the grapple accessories can be used to expand the range of applications. Safety has already been considered in KESLA machines.


Rear axle mounting provides flexibility
Attaching the loader to the rear platform of the tractor increases the possibilities of using the crane, as with a tractor loader combination, for example, with an earth moving trailer or loader it can be used without the trailer even in narrow places.

More operating opportunities
KESLA proG grapples are available with accessories such as material claws, and especially gravel buckets that greatly increase the potential for use. Gravel buckets are ideal for handling gravel, sand, grass or leaves, spreading fertilizer, sanding, or dredging ditches, for example. The material claws in turn are convenient for handling for example, brushwood. Several forest trailers are equipped with a biomass box that allows the use of a forest trailer for transporting, for example, brushwood, leaves or grass.

Safety with CE-equipment
Safety can easily be increased with basic equipment such as load-lowering equipment, work lights, support legs, etc. The largest KESLA 300 series loaders also have CE-specific equipment specially designed for urban conditions, which maintains the balance of the support legs, the maximum load and transporting height of the loader.

Examples of municipal work:

  • Sand, gravel, fertilizer loading and spreading
  • Demolition and mounting work on building sites
  • Gathering and moving of grass and leaf waste
  • Indoor and outdoor building work
  • Installation of foundation stones
  • Sandbox filling
  • Garden landscaping
  • Ditch dredging
  • Beach cleaning
  • Embankment works
  • Excavation works
  • Park works
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