KESLA tractor attachments - at home in the woods

KESLA tractor attachments are the first choice for forestry work - whether you are a farmer forest owner or a heavy-duty contractor. In the KESLA range you will find for forestry work - forest trailers, loaders, wood and bio-energy grapples, stroke delimbers, harvesters as well as wood chippers.

Get the wood moving with the forest trailer
KESLA forest trailers are a tough brand. They move in the forest like being at home - even in difficult terrain. Drive, brake and wheeloptions are available for many of the trailers. In addition, there are plenty of equipment available for trailers to increase usability.

With a strong loader you get the timber quickly picked up
KESLA loaders are known for their strength and durability. Loaders can be found in several sizes. Control options are available in both mechanical, hydraulic as well as with electrical applications. With accessories you can further increase the usability of the loader. Two support models are available
for increased robustness. Kesla has its own top of-the-line proG timber and bio energy grapples and accessories for timber cutting.

Wood processing with stroke delimber, harvester or chipper
Kesla also offers other equipment for tractors. With a stroke delimber, you will easily delimb and cut timber into pieces. The harvester grapple can be connected to larger loaders, allowing the tractor to make logging contracts if necessary. For the chippping there are several alternatives available for tractor powered chippers.

  • Loading and transport of logs
  • Cutting and trimming logs
  • Energy wood cutting, loading, stacking and transportation
  • Chipping
  • Ditch digging
  • Ditch cleaning
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