Compact and efficient C645

The wide model range of KESLA C645 product family of chippers is suitable for mounting on trailers. KESLA C645 is a comprehensive solution with very high output, low fuel consumption, and good off-road properties.

Rotor option for KESLA C645 chippers is LogCUT rotor.

The chassis of KESLA C645S model is equipped with fixed drawbar. The chipper unit is fixed in the front of the axle which enables the low structure and generous drawbar tip load. The KESLA C645T model’s carrying capacity is increased by rocking tandem axle. Hydraulic disc brakes are available as on option.

Сhassis of KESLA C645S-II can be equipped with hydraulically articulated drawbar as an option. The chipper unit is mounted on top of the leaf suspended axle and pneumatic brakes come as standard. The model’s 645T-II carrying capacity is increased by its chassis structure.

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