Information to customers: coronavirus epidemic influences also Kesla's functions

17.03.2020 News

Kesla has made some procedures inside the company to ensure the safety of the staff and to lower the infection wave in Finland. Procedures include among others increased hygiene, possibility to work from home and minimizing internal and external contacts. Despite the situation, we do our best to serve the customers the customary way.

Delivery times of the products

Kesla production works normally. Single delays are possible though due to possible availability problems of some components and staff's absence arrangements due to schools' closures.

The situation is challenging for our customers and also for our staff. Kesla is doing its best to facilitate this new situation.

Technical support and sales

Like usually, the customer's first hand contact is whether the nearest sales or service point. We do our best to support these cooperation partners of ours to solve your requests. Luckily, the technique of today enables strong support even without face-to-face contact.

Spare part sales serve normally 7-16 (Finnish time) during the work days. Naturally we recommend that pick-up orders are ordered in advance to avoid unnecessary contacts. Also spare parts deliveries are sent normally - meaning that in best cases the ordered part is sent from Kesla during the same day.


To ensure the safety of our staff and to lower the infection peak, we do not receive any guests.


Kesla will cancel its attendance to all events until the end of June. We also cancel the planned open house days in June in our plants.

We will concentrate the celebrations of our 60 years anniversary around the events in autumn instead of summer.

Naturally the situation lives and therefore changes are possible.

Kesla does its best to restrain the spreading of the virus. We look confidently towards the future and we hope that by acting responsibly, we all can return to normal rhytm of life earlier.