General annual meeting

The general meeting is required to be held annually at a date specified by the board of directors and within 6 months from the end of the company’s financial year.

At the meeting: 

to be presented:
1. financial statement and consolidated financial statement as well as annual report,
2. audit report,

to be decided:
3. confirmation of financial statement and consolidated financial statement,
4. application of the profit revealed in the balance sheet,
5. freedom from liability for board members and CEO,
6. rewards for board members and auditors as well as travel expense compensation principles,
7. number of board members,
to be elected:
8. members of the board,
9. auditor,
to be discussed:
10. other affairs referred to in the notice of meeting.

A shareholder has the right to have the matter at the General Meeting addressed to the General Meeting if he or she requests so in writing from the Board of Directors at least four weeks prior to the sending of the meeting notice. Kesla announces the latest date to supplement the agenda of the Annual General Meeting on its website at calendar. The information should be pointed to board and sent to kesla[at], by mail to Kesla Oyj, Kuurnankatu 24, 80100 Joensuu, or by telephone +3584016177201. Reference "Lisäys yhtiökokouksen asialistaan".