Juha Mönkkönen appreciates the traction of the ND trailer

21.09.2018 News

Vehmersalmi’s Metsätyö’s Juha Mönkkonen’s one pearl of machinery is Valtra N174 Direct -tractor which is beautifully towing KESLA 122ND trailer and KESLA 316T crane. Mönkkönen relies on the loader trailer combination and especially on the traction given by the trailer.

In Business for twenty years now

Juha Mönkkönen from Metsatyö has been doing real estate and forestry work for over twenty years. The company employs in average three people in addition to the entrepreneur himself. Real-estate work means comprehensive property management on the agreed sites including maintenance of the yard areas during both summer and winter as well as cleaning of areas. The forestry work includes tree felling, grinding of stumps and brushwood operating in urban areas and of course transporting timber from collection sites.

Center of gravity in the trailer

Mönkkönen chose a rear bridge trailer fitted with a crane loader trailer set, as it suited his needs better. The basis for this was in particular the trailer’s tractability. Mönkkönen's combination is a forestry trailer with hydraulic wheel hub KESLA 122ND 2 WD. It is therefore a trailer with a load carrying capacity of 12 tons designed with a hydraulic wheel hub, that has traction from the rear axle.

-          The forestry trailer I have purchased has an extended load area. Extending the load area is quick, and the double posts in the last bunk increase the stability. If needed, the trailer can be fitted with a biomass box, says Mönkkönen. - With the use of biomass box, trailers can easily transport, for example: leaves, grass, firewood or brushwood. 

-          The traction is a must for forestry work and there is no need to downplay it in urban work either, especially when on slippery places or on difficult ground. The hydraulic wheel hub drive trailer also allows the use of chains on the tires, which is also an absolute safety must, especially in winter.

According to Mönkkönen, the chain-loader-trailer combination is in the same power class as the actual Forwarder.

The loader suitable for professionals

KESLA 316T is a suitable loader for professional use. Mönkkönen has previously driven also a logging truck, so the cranes on big trucks are very familiar, according to Mönkkönen the 316T will not come off as a loser to the truck cranes.

-          With the loader it rises to incredible weights. The boom proportions are good. The crane is agile and can be used in confined spaces. The lifting force is smooth, and the required outreach can be found if necessary.

Mönkkösen's crane control valve is the Walvoil DPX and the control system is Kesla's own proC-control system. Mönkkönen compliments the combination as he appreciates a steady and reliable control.

Quality can be seen from the way it is constructed

Mönkkönen previously has had a good image of KESLA products, as he heard a lot of good feedback about them whilst driving the logging trucks. The quality of the tractor's equipment is also good.

-          Good quality can already be seen by eyeing up the structures, says Mönkkönen.

Juha Mönkkönen and Mika Ahonen from Kuopio AGCO sales point happened to be on the same wave when considering the combination.

In the loader-trailer combination Juha Mönkkönen appreciates especially the traction. In the picture: the local area bulky wood is being transported.

The Valtra Smart Touch screen is conveniently located next to the proC-screen.