Forestry taking over the agriculture at Olanders

04.11.2015 News

Kim Olander is a farmer from Lapinjärvi, Finland. Already during several years, he has focused more and more to forestry work in search of profitability of the farm.

-These days it is very unsure to make livelyhood solely with agriculture. That is also the reason why we during the past five years have increased the amount of forestry work in our company, states Kim Olander.

Shifting for cultivation to forestry has increased the hectars to the forestry, growing wood. Today the farm has as much as 100 hectars of forest land.

When the own forest allows, and there is demand, the Olanders do forestry work also for others. - Forestry work is mainly transporting energy wood from thinnings and smaller cuttings, describes Olander.

Due to the increase in forestry work the Olanders decided to purchase a new trailer and loader. The new machinery is branded with Kesla. The trailer chosen was KESLA 102H, which is sturdier than the basic 102-model and which can later on be equipped with hydraulic drive. The KESLA 304T was chosen as loader. The loader has been installed onto the tractor with frame adapter. Olander did not need stabilizers as the terrain is very flat and he found the combination very stable.

- I chose Kesla for multiple reasons. There were a lot of chipper owners who recommended KESLA-loader as agile. In addition I have noticed that details of KESLA-products have been well thought over, says Olander and mentions the well protected hosing as one example. - And of course, I am happy that the product has been made here in Finland.

Olander has been extremely happy with the loader also in use. Especially he appreciates the long outreach of 8,50 m. Also the proG25 grapple gets its' part of the praises.

- When I unload, the grapple can easily be opened and it gets a good grip of the wood punches, Olander praises the geometry of the grapple.

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KESLA 304T and 102H are reliable friends of Kim Olander.