Forestry gets stronger at Johanssons

28.10.2015 News

Farmer Fredrik Johansson lives nearby Jönköping, Sweden, with his family. Like else where in Europe, also in Sweden farming has become more and more challenging. On the forestry side, the situation is better though and wood sells well. At Johanssons forestry side is gradually overtaking the traditional farming side.

Johanssons have had their farm for ten years. Until now it has been mainly dairy farm but now it seems that the focus is more and more on the forest and forestry work. Johanssons have quite a lot of forestry work already, as they are taking care in addition to their own forest the neighbouring mansion’s 750 hectars of forest land. Johansson mainly transports round timber but he also collect leftovers of cuttings as energy wood. The KESLA proG25E grapple Johanssons have been using, has shown to be excellent in collecting energy wood. 

Third generation of KESLA loader and trailer combination in thoughts

Johanssons have at the moment KESLA 204T-loader with electric control and KESLA 10HD-forest trailer, that he purchased in 2009.

-        - The combination is very good and we really do not have anything negative to say. For example the trailer drive is excellent. Before this we used old PATU-combination, which was very strong and reliable partner as well, Johanssons state. - For this combination we made ourself additional hydraulics to prevent using high tractor rpm.

Now that the work is moving more and more to the forests, Johanssons are going to invest in a new, bigger combination with the latest accessories. The model is not clear yet, but the brand stays the same.

Fredrik Johansson is happy with his KESLA combination and is planning to purchase a bigger one.