FinnMETKO press release: KESLA – the number one for excavator harvesters

29.08.2018 News

Kesla has extensive experience in excavator equipping for use in harvester applications in all different conditions around the world. Experience dates back to the roots of the 1980s, when machines designed as harvesters from the beginning were just entering the markets. In the 21st century, Kesla has been the fastest growing manufacturer of harvester heads on the market.

- Since we do not have our own base machines, the biggest growth had to be gained from excavator harvesters and, to a large extent, very challenging conditions in developing markets. This is what has led to the development combining of specific expertise in excavators specifically, says Mr. Mika Tahvanainen, Business Manager of Kesla's wood harvesting equipment. - Very few Finnish foresters or forestry women do not know that we are the world's largest manufacturer of separate harvester heads which are not linked to the base machine manufactures, Mr. Tahvanainen continues. - More than 90% of our harvester heads are going to the export market, mostly for different excavators. The strong support by the harvester head manufacturer and the high gained productization are key factors in the competition against special machines for harvesters from the beginning with the way these special machines have been developed.


Especially in the developing markets, special machines for harvesting are seen as unreasonably complicated and as cost-effective devices with low reliability, demanding operating and costly maintenance. Cleary cheaper investment and less operating costs while efficiency is still on the same level - these solutions for excavators have been the main driver for the development of mechanization in many markets. The transition to excavator harvesters can be seen on many matured markets, when entrepreneurs pay more attention to the profitability of their business.


"In Finland, excavators are usually seen as special machines for harvesting of swampy forests, but the excavator is well applicable to a wide range of destinations, with the exception of the stoniest of slopes," says Mr. Tahvanainen.


Excavator-harvester’s net performance is at the same level as the actual harvester

Motor power and oil production are remaining less somewhat of a specialty machine, which sets out their own requirements for the designing of the harvester head. Special attention has been paid to the efficiency of the Kesla harvester heads, whereby less engine power is extracted from more net power for wood handling.


Also, the hydraulic equipping of the base machine is also a key factor. In addition to user feedback, there is also an evidence of our research effectiveness.


- In the spring of this year, we participated in a study organized by the Ministry of Forestry of Belarus, which compared the KESLA 28RH-II with a Chinese-made excavator to a tough Finnish harvester. There was no noticeable difference in production, nor in fuel consumption. It is easy to calculate how much more profitable harvesting work is with a cheaper excavator costing half of the price.


It is good to remember that excavators are multifunctional - an excavator can be used however in the summertime also for its originally designed earth moving tasks.


KESLA XTimber - Unrivalled expertise with equipment

Kesla has long experience in excavator harvesters and most of the harvester heads go onto excavator installations. Hydraulic pipes and piping, valve equipping for hydraulics and electrical Installations are made pre-designed to fit particular machine models.


- With our XTimber equipment concept, our specially trained official dealers are able to provide a level of quality that is in line with a factory installation, says Mr. Tahvanainen. - Instead of a project, the customer will receive a complete excavator harvester product, which also has comprehensive after sales support. This is absolutely exceptional in this field, especially since the service is not linked to any particular base machines brand.  - Of course, close continuous factory level cooperation with Japan's Sumitomo for more than over 10 years has brought more perspective to things, says Mr. Tahvanainen.


Kesla's large harvester heads have been renewed

Kesla's biggest harvester heads were renewed last year. Now there are three models in the big head range: 27RH-II, 28RH-II and 30RH-II.  New harvester heads are appropriate for quite different conditions ranging from northern coniferous forest to hardwood, eucalyptus or peeling acacia shells. The hydraulics of the harvester heads have been increasing, which is why the feed and saw forces have been also increased. Improvements have also been made on the chassis frame, in measuring and in the control system. - The harvester heads have over 100 unique improvements, which is also reflected in a positive customer feedback, says Mr. Tahvanainen with satisfaction.


Kesla's stands 60, 62 and 66 showcase almost all of KESLA harvester heads. There are also two excavator harvesters on display.



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