Itämoto Oy manages logging in Central Karelia

02.08.2019 News

Itämoto Oy has been in operation since 2014, with its headquarters in Tolosenmäki, Kitee. The company’s equipment includes two John Deere harvesters, one built on excavator as a base machine and one Sampo Rosenlew forwarder. The company performs contract work for Stora Enso through Tähtimetsä in the Kitee, Tohmajärvi and Rääkkylä areas.

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FinnMETKO press release: KESLA – the number one for excavator harvesters

29.08.2018 News

Kesla has extensive experience in excavator equipping for use in harvester applications in all different conditions around the world. Experience dates back to the roots of the 1980s, when machines designed as harvesters from the beginning were just entering the markets. In the 21st century, Kesla has been the fastest growing manufacturer of harvester heads on the market.

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