Forest machine cranes

Crane for the professional

Kesla is a strong developing force in the forest technology sector and produces high-quality forestry machinery in Finland backed up by more than 55 years’ experience. The KESLA product family covers all the work stages of timber harvesting and processing. Besides the forest industry, KESLA products are used in many sectors, including energy production, recycling industry, in ports and on vessels. The  KESLA products are exported to more than 35 countries around the world.

The KESLA cranes and loaders, designed for professional use, combine the latest in crane technology and components and materials of the highest quality. All KESLA cranes and loaders have been designed to withstand hard wear in many kinds of purposes and the most extreme conditions. In the production phase, each crane goes through a rigorous international quality assurance programme and practical performance and safety tests.

The KESLA crane is a multi-purpose, cost-effective machine for all work in timber supply chain. Several leading forest machine manufacturers rely on the range of KESLA cranes offering a suitable solution for the most base machines and customers’ needs.  Carefully considered details are designed to meet customer needs and take the loader into a league of its own in efficiency and reliability. The design is based on durability and long service life, guaranteeing uninterrupted operations and excellent resale value.

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