Kesla is the master of material handling in and outside of forest. Our products are based on and produced with Finnish knowledge making them an excellent choice even to most challenging conditions. A perfect match to any base machine and any customer.


KESLA truck and industrial cranes, that were previously known with the brands PEKU and Foresteri, have always been known as extremely durable and efficient working tools in all circumstances. Today additional value is created with intelligent systems planned in cooperation with the customers.


Kesla is globally #1 as independent manufacturer of harvester heads. As complement to the extensive range of harvester heads we utilize our long expertise of timber cranes' technology to offer cranes for harvesters and forwarders.


KESLA tractor attachments – previously known with the brand PATU – have always been known for their extreme durability. In addition to that, they are nowadays well recognized by their intelligent solutions and versatility of use – farming, municipality and forest. They are a good match to all tractors but a perfect match to Valtra tractors.