KESLA Code of conduct

Business ethics

We have committed ourselves to do business only in line with fair commercial practices. Respecting human right is anchored in our values. We do not allow the exploitation of child or forced labor. We do not tolerate any type of corruption, money laundering, or any payments stemming from illegal trade activities.

We will not accept, propose or ask for any treat, hospitality or gift which might affect our own or Kesla´s cooperation partners´ decision-making. Nor will we accept, propose or ask for any treat or gift which may give an impression of manipulating the decision-making. Given gifts or treats must be customary and appropriate to the local culture and custom. We will never offer or accept money nor comparable gifts.

The selection of our sponsorship objects is based on value analysis related to Kesla´s business activities. We choose our sponsorship objects in conformity with Kesla´s values avoiding any conflicts of interest with our business.

We pursue fair competition. We do not make any agreements in favor of the restriction of competition. We do not engage in any agreements with competitors regarding the pricing of end products nor do we misuse our market position.

Our goal is to build and nurture long-lasting relationships with our clients and partners. We treat all partners equally and we respect our agreements.

We treat our competitors with respect and demonstrate proper behavior. We do not accept nor take part in tarnishing our competitors´ public image.