Kesla - the multitalent of forest technology

Kesla, the multitalent in forest technology, is a manufacturing corporation specializing in the design, marketing and manufacture of forest technology - from stump to mill.

Kesla’s over 55 years history is based on strong, client-oriented product development and longlasting partnerships with Kesla’s business partners. KESLA-products are well known from their usability, productivity, durability and good retail values. With our wide sales and service network we can reach and serve customers with quality in over 35 countries. Our export functions are over 60 % of the turnover.

Kesla Oyj in a nutshell

  • Founded in 1960 by a Finnish farmer Mr. Antti Kärkkäinen
  • Turnover in 2018: 45 M€
  • Employees: 242 persons
  • Subsidiaries: MFG Components Oy and Kesla GmbH
  • Headquarter and factory in Joensuu, Finland
  • Other offices and production plants: Finland; Kesälahti, Tohmajärvi and Ilomantsi, Germany; Appenweier.
  • Kesla is a family owned company which A-shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Oy stock exchange.