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Wood is the foundation of renewable energy production and its use as a source of energy is in rapid growth. KESLA is a significant developer of forestry-related bioenergy solutions.

Efficient professional chipping requires flexibility – you can select your KESLA chipper from our wide model range, either as a trailer model or a truck-mounted model. The quality provided by Kesla will guarantee that your chipper will be durable and reliable even in the most demanding conditions.

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C645 is even better

20.03.2017 Chippers

The dairy cattle left (Pedersöre/Esse) Alvar Wärn's farm in Ähtävä six years ago, and the warm barn was made into a full-scale forestry equipment storage shed. He selected wood chipping as his new business. Choosing a wood chipper was not difficult, he simply turned to the familiar Finnish-made Kesla. In February 2017, Alvar Wärn renovated his chipping unit by sticking with the same models: Kesla C645 and Valtra T234.

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What things influence in chip output in practice?

There are several things influencing in the output beside the efficiency of the chipper itself. E.g. available efficiency, condition of the knives, material and screen size, to mention some.

Is KESLA proCAB cabin suitable for chipper control?

Yes, Kesla proCAB cabin are well suited for truck chipper use. Especially the bigger XL cabin provides good working conditions and is especially planned for chipper use.

How often must the chipper be serviced?

The need for service depends on the amount of use. In the user manual there are detailed instructions for servicing intervals and points for your chipper. Of course, the condition of the chipper must be checked daily.